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Portrait of three female Impella patients making a heart shape with their hands

Each story is different, but all share a common message: heart recovery is possible. Learn more about the people who returned home with their native hearts.



Stories of Heart Recovery


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Navy Veteran Enjoying the Outdoors Following Protected PCI with Impella Procedure

Today, Walter enjoys repairing small engines, working on his lawn and enjoying time with his wife, Rita.

CEO Returns to Work After Suffering Postpartum SCAD Heart Attack

Today, Andrea Iglesias has normal heart function with an ejection fraction of 60%.

Andrzej Wolinski is Back to Cooking After a Protected PCI Procedure

Following a brief recovery period, Andrzej's quality of life has improved.

Peter Hughes was Too High-Risk for Surgery Due to His Reduced Ejection Fraction

Today, Peter continues to regain his strength and enjoys mowing his lawn and walking along the beach.

Father's Heart Fully Recovers from COVID-19

Upon arrival, physicians identified that Bobby Goines had myocarditis due to COVID-19 and was in cardiogenic shock with a severely reduced ejection fraction (below 10%).

Rob Dunbar is Back to Riding His Motorcycle and Enjoying Family

After eleven days of support, Rob’s condition improved. 

Anne Fowler is Back to Gardening

Anne remained on Impella® support for nearly three days until her heart function recovered and the pump was removed. 

Anesthesiologist Survives Cardiogenic Shock After Collapsing

Following a brief recovery period, Dr. Amos Szajner has returned to his active lifestyle.

Enjoying Flights Above Switzerland After Heart Attack

Because of the Impella® heart pump, Rolf Schnurrenberger is back at his favorite hobbies. 

Kumamoto Man Survives Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Thanks to the Impella® Heart Pump

After three days of support, Ryuji Nagai’s heart function recovered and Impella® was removed.

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