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Each story is different, but all share a common message: heart recovery is possible. Learn more about the people who returned home with their native hearts.



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59-Year-Old Finds a New Passion After Surviving Heart Attack

Today, Seishiro is back to living an active lifestyle after suffering a myocardial infarction.

Tadeusz Is Back To Playing Music

Following a brief recovery period, Tadeusz is back at home with his family and his hobby, playing piano.

Mother Returns to Her Active Lifestyle After Surviving a Heart Attack

Today Usha's heart is fully recovered. She walks every day, meditates, and does Yoga. She lives an active and happy life with her family.

Carlos Returns to His Active Lifestyle Following Protected PCI Procedure

Since the procedure, Carlos's heart function has dramatically improved and he feels better than he has in years.

Community Leader and Leadership Coach Survives Cardiogenic Shock

Today, Jerry has a normal ejection fraction (55-60%) and he has returned to work full time.

Marine Returns to His Active Lifestyle After Surviving Cardiac Arrest

Today, David is enjoying spending time with Jillian and their two Great Danes.

Marine Enjoying Life Following His Protected PCI Procedure

Today, Grant has improved heart function and he’s now able to walk on the treadmill, feed the birds and make his famous peanut brittle for Elizabeth, the love of his life.

Jan Malický Is Back To Gardening After Protected PCI Procedure

Today, Jan enjoys gardening again and taking care of his rabbits and hens. He is back home and enjoys life with his wife.

Pavel Is Back Home to His Family After a Protected PCI Procedure

Following a brief recovery period, Pavel’s quality of life has improved and he enjoys spending time with his wife and his dog.

Swiss Soccer Player Back to the Game He Loves After Heart Attack  

Today Erduan is back to playing soccer and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

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