Exercise Enthusiast Back To Full Strength Thanks to Impella® Heart Pump


Erin Herbert lives a very active lifestyle in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old mother looks after her two young boys, works part-time and spends several hours a day exercising.

But last year, Erin caught a cold that turned into aches and pains. Her doctor encouraged her to go to the hospital to get fluids through an IV drip. But as Erin's condition quickly deteriorated, she was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent's Hospital. 

Erin was suffering from myocarditis and was in profound cardiogenic shock. With her other organs beginning to shut down, Dr. Arjun Iyer chose to implant Impella CP® with SmartAssist® to support Erin's heart, giving it a chance to rest. 

Erin's heart function returned to normal and Impella was removed. Within a few weeks, Erin was back to her daily exercises. Today, she is as active as she was before, but more importantly she's back to enjoying time with her husband and young sons.

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