Treatment Options

Medication, cardiac catheterisation and heart surgery

The treatment of heart disease is based on three pillars: Medical therapy, catheter procedures and open-heart surgery. You can find out more about them here.

Medicines for the heart

Medical therapy for heart disease requires careful adaptation both to the disease and to the patient.

Cardiac catheterisation steps

A stent is often used to treat coronary heart disease. This procedure allows for a less invasive approach.

Heart surgery

Bypass surgery involves bypassing a diseased coronary vessel. This procedure is an alternative to cardiac catheterisation.

Cross section of the heart

Cardiac catheter

One of the treatment options for heart disease is cardiac catheterisation. In this procedure, a thin tube is inserted into the heart via a large blood vessel.

Doctor takes notes about cardiac catheterization procedure in patient's file

Aftercare for cardiac catheterisation procedures

There are a few things to keep in mind following a cardiac catheterisation procedure. You can read some practical tips here.

Talk to your cardiologist

Here you will find a practical guide for talking to your doctor. Learn more.