About Impella® Heart Pumps


What are Impella Heart Pumps?

Impella, the world’s smallest heart pump, is a support system of percutaneous catheter-based technology offering hemodynamic support to the heart.

Impella heart pumps allow the heart to rest and recover by temporarily assisting the pumping function of the heart to efficiently deliver blood and oxygen to the entire body. Your doctor can adjust the duration and amount of Impella assistance to get the most benefit to your heart.

Impella is the only non-surgical heart pump approved in Europe and the US that is safe and effective for the treatment of patients undergoing an elective or urgent high-risk PCI procedure or acute myocardial infarction (AMI) with cardiogenic disease Suffer shock.

Why is Impella Important?

Impella support helps restore blood flow to the heart and improve the quality of life for patients with heart disease and/or heart failure. Disruptions in coronary blood flow during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) can cause problems, especially in patients with severe heart disease. Protected PCI with Impella ensures that blood flow to critical organs is maintained so that your doctor can perform a complete and optimized procedure, reducing the likelihood of repeat procedures and multiple hospital stays.


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