Sydney Woman Celebrates 90th Birthday After Protected PCI Procedure With Impella® Heart Pump


At the age of 89, Pamela Kerr was an active gardener who was always taking on projects and rarely sat still.

One morning, she started experiencing pain and tightness in her chest. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome.

Dr. Sidney Lo, at Liverpool Hospital, spoke with Pamela and her family about the risks associated with open heart surgery for someone of her age. Instead of open surgery they agreed on a protected percutaneous coronary intervention with an Impella heart pump. The protection with Impella CP with SmartAssist allows support during the intervention.

Dr. Lo was able to re-open several heavily calcified arteries, restoring blood flow to Pamela’s heart. Impella was removed following the procedure and Pamela was discharged from the hospital several days later.

Today, at the age of 90, Pamela is back with her family, enjoying her gardening and daily activities. 

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