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Heart Recovery Reunions

Abiomed collaborates with hospitals to host Heart Recovery Reunions, which reunite Impella heart pump patients with the medical teams who treated them. These events, hosted at hospitals across the world, give patients an opportunity to thank their medical care providers, highlight successful Impella programs and protocols, and acknowledge the exceptional dedication and care of the medical staff.


More Than 200,000 Patients Supported with Impella® Heart Pumps

With today’s innovative technology there are minimally invasive treatment options that allow patients with complex heart disease and advanced heart failure to recover the function of their native heart. Each story is different, but all share a common message: heart recovery is possible.

Explore Heart Recovery Reunions


Tucson Medical Center Heart Recovery Reunion

Watch highlights from the Tucson Medical Center Heart Recovery Reunion.


Mountainside Medical Center Heart Recovery Reunion

View the highlights from a 2018 Heart Recovery Reunion hosted at Mountainside Medical Center.


Saint Agnes Medical Center Heart Recovery Reunion

View the Saint Agnes Medical Center's Heart Recovery Reunion, which celebrated 3 Impella patients.

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