Is Protected PCI with Impella®
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Improve your quality of life. Protected PCI with Impella can be a safe treatment option to address severe coronary artery disease or advanced heart failure.

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In a clinical trial, 8 of every 10 patients experienced quality of life improvements. Their native heart function recovered and heart failure symptoms diminished in just 90 days after a Protected PCI procedure as compared to other forms of treatment.1

You may be a candidate for Protected PCI with Impella if:

  • Your heart team has told you that angioplasty or stent placement is too risky
  • There’s nothing more your physician can do to address your symptoms
  • You are not a candidate for surgery due to your risk factors
  • You have other health concerns that increase the risk of traditional stenting or heart surgery such as chronic kidney disease

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  1. O’Neill, W.W., et al. (2012). Circulation, 126(14), 1717-1727.