Patient Story

Rogelio Landin’s Journey to Heart Recovery


Learn how Rogelio’s Protected PCI Procedure Gave Him the Option of Heart Recovery

My name is Rogelio Landin and, at age 59, I began experiencing pain in my leg. Since I had a history of heart disease, I scheduled a routine appointment with my cardiologist. During this time, I was working full-time as president of an equity resource education company and, other than the discomfort in my leg, I felt great! I was shocked when my cardiologist discovered three of my coronary arteries were almost completely blocked and told me I was a “heart attack waiting to happen.” I was also told that I may not survive a triple bypass surgery. I was sent to Detroit Medical Center where Dr. Theodore Schreiber offered me an alternative to surgery, a procedure known as a Protected PCI. He planned to use the Impella CP®, which had just been approved for use, to support my heart. As it turned out, I was the first patient to ever receive the Impella CP! It was truly the icing on the cake to be part of medical history.

I was fully awake during the procedure so I could provide important feedback to the catheterization lab staff as they inserted the Impella. Aside from a little pressure, I felt no pain or discomfort. The Impella allowed my heart to rest and the physicians were able to open the blockages in my heart. Just two days after my procedure, I walked out of the hospital and was home with my family. To the amazement of my friends, family and colleagues, I chaired a board meeting just two days after my procedure. I was 110% full steam ahead! This experience has taught me about the importance of choice. I participated and contributed in the decision-making process for my treatment and ultimately took control of my health by choosing heart recovery.

Today, nearly eight years after my procedure, I’m still working full-time and leading my company into the future of digital education. I want to remind people to be proactive when it comes to heart health and encourage others in similar situations to inquire about the option for heart recovery.


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