Active Mother’s Heart Recovers With Impella®


Wendy Yamada, 55, is a wife, mother and business owner from Hilo, Hawaii. Wendy is accustomed to a very active lifestyle and enjoys golfing and exercising. She experienced occasional fatigue but received a clean bill of health following multiple tests with her primary care physician. A few months later, while at the gym with her daughter and friend, Wendy suddenly collapsed. Her trainer immediately began CPR and defibrillation while 911 was called. EMTs then transported Wendy to Hilo Medical Center where she was brought to the catheterization lab. Dr. Lindsey Trutter identified that Wendy was in cardiogenic shock with an ejection fraction (EF) of 5 percent. She implanted the Impella CP® heart pump to support Wendy’s weak heart and allow it to rest. Wendy was transferred to a larger facility for possible escalation of care the following day; however, after three days, her heart function improved and Impella was removed. Just a couple of months later, Wendy resumed her active lifestyle playing golf, traveling and cherishing time with her family.

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