Dr. Thom Dahle Shares the Story of His Father, Tory Dahle


Tory Dahle, 84, a husband, father and grandfather, always led an active lifestyle. Tory worked as an accomplished home builder for over sixty years. Though he had a history of heart disease, he managed his health and maintained a normal quality of life. 

Recently, while climbing stairs at his home, Tory began to experience shortness of breath and chest pain. He told his wife who quickly called their son, Dr. Thom Dahle, an interventional cardiologist at St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Tory was transported to St. Cloud Hospital where a diagnostic anagram revealed severe blockages. A team of physicians determined Tory was an appropriate candidate for a Protected PCI procedure with an Impella heart pump as he was too high-risk for open heart surgery. 

Dr. Brian Stegman, interventional cardiologist, implanted the Impella CP® heart pump to support Tory’s heart while he placed stents to restore blood flow to his heart. Tory returned home the next day and quickly resumed his active routine, walking almost three miles a day. Today, Tory’s heart function is normal, and he enjoys every moment with his family.

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