Football Coach Returns to the Field After Homecoming Game Heart Attack


Ricky, father of three, spends his downtime coaching a seven and eight year old boys’ football team. After a Saturday game in Sept. 2015, the kids followed their normal routine -shaking hands, saying “good game”. Ricky, however, experienced something he had never felt before. He remembers glancing at the scoreboard, back at the kids and then he blacked out.

Ricky went into cardiac arrest on the field. Fortunately a doctor, nurse and paramedic were in the crowd. They rushed over and began CPR, while others desperately searched for an AED, which was locked in the school. They were able to shock him twice before the ambulance arrived. The ambulance arrived and soon after, Ricky was life-flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, about 45 minutes away. Ricky was immediately taken to the cath lab and Dr. Amin discovered he had a blocked left main and left anterior descending artery. Ricky was going into cardiogenic shock, and Drs. Grise and Amin knew he needed support immediately. Dr. Amin successfully implanted the Impella CP® to provide enough support to place a stent. About two days later, Ricky’s EF returned to normal and two days following that, he returned home to his family with his native heart.

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