Naval Officer Survives Cardiac Arrest


Ramon Rinkin, 41, is an active duty Chief Navy Yeoman, husband, and father of three. Ramon has a family history of heart disease and has lived with high blood pressure for most of his life. When Ramon began experiencing indigestion and heartburn, he attributed these symptoms to stress and continued his daily routine. While getting ready for work, Ramon suddenly collapsed in his bathroom and went into cardiac arrest. His wife Melania performed CPR until paramedics arrived. On the way to the hospital, Ramon coded again in the ambulance before arriving at St. Francis Hospital in Bartlett, TN.

Despite their efforts, Ramon remained in cardiogenic shock in the catheterization lab. Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Raj Dave inserted the Impella 2.5® heart pump to allow Ramon’s heart to rest while stents were placed. Ramon was then airlifted to a nearby hospital in Memphis, TN, for escalated care. Days later, Ramon’s heart function began to improve and the Impella® heart pump was removed. After two weeks in the hospital, Ramon returned home.

Today, Ramon has returned to work and walks nine miles per week with Melania. He looks forward to coaching track and field, cooking BBQ, and making memories with his family. 

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