Australian Husband and Father Back Enjoying an Active Lifestyle Following Protected PCI Procedure


More than two decades ago, Peter Sek was warned by his doctor he might face further complications after suffering a heart attack at the age of 42. But over the years, Peter pushed himself to live an active life, raising two daughters and building a career in the IT industry in Melbourne, Australia. 
Then in 2020, Peter suffered a second heart attack. Dr. William Chan and the team at Sunshine Hospital quickly cleared the initial blockage in Peter’s artery. But Peter struggled to get back on his feet, battling fatigue and shortness of breath in the weeks that followed. Dr. Chan then suggested they insert more stents while using Impella CP® to support Peter’s heart. The Protected PCI procedure was a success. Today Peter is back at work, back in the gym and most importantly, back with his wife and two daughters.

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