California Man Feels Stronger Than He Has in Years


Michael Shaw, 68, began experiencing issues with his heart in 2011 which left him feeling fatigued and short of breath. Over the years, he met multiple physicians who were unable to pinpoint the cause. By May of 2017, Michael’s shortness of breath left him unable to perform daily tasks or even sleep. He was ultimately referred to a cardiologist at Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, California who discovered severe blockages in Michael’s heart and an ejection fraction of 15%. Michael was admitted to the hospital and remained there for the next six days due to his weak heart.

Michael’s physicians determined he was an appropriate candidate for Protected PCI as he was too high-risk for surgery. He scheduled the procedure and returned to Saint Agnes Medical Center in August, where Dr. Shaukat Ali implanted the Impella CP® heart pump and placed multiple stents. Following the procedure, he felt an immediate improvement – he could breathe again!

Michael has since returned to a normal quality of life, often working on vintage cars in his automobile shop and traveling with family. His latest ejection fraction is 45% and, with the help of some recent medication changes, he says he feels stronger than he has in years.

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