82 Year Old Woman Enjoys Improved Quality of Life


Mary Hanel, 82, from Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, had double bypass surgery in 1985 and resumed normal life until a few years ago when her quality of life rapidly deteriorated. Mary had a persistent cough and shortness of breath, but when she began noticing pressure on her chest and pain in her arm, she decided to see Dr. Yaron Bareket, a cardiologist at Hackensack Medical Center. Dr. Bareket identified severe blockages in Mary’s heart, but explained she was too high-risk for surgery and referred her to interventional cardiologist, Dr. Adam Raskin. Dr. Raskin and the heart team at Hackensack evaluated her case and recommended Protected PCI with the Impella® heart pump.

On October 12, 2018, Dr. Raskin implanted the Impella CP® device, cleared blockages, and placed stents. The following day, Mary was discharged home. Today, Mary feels better than she has in years. She exercises three days a week and is back to traveling with her husband. Her husband now calls her the “dynamo” because of her endless energy.

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