Manh Nguyen Resumes His Passion for Table Tennis Following a Protected PCI Procedure


Manh Nguyen, 63, is a husband and father from Anaheim, CA. In July 2020, Manh began experiencing fatigue, chest and stomach pressure, and shortness of breath. When his symptoms became more severe a month later, Manh thought he may have contracted COVID-19 and decided to visit his primary care physician. Though he tested negative for COVID-19, his physician recommended he go to the emergency room after an EKG confirmed irregularities in his heart function.  

Manh’s daughter drove him to St. Joseph Hospital – Orange in Orange, CA. Physicians evaluated Manh’s heart and determined he was too high-risk for coronary artery bypass graft surgery due to severe blockages and an extremely low ejection fraction of 15%. Manh was then referred to Dr. Michael Chan, an interventional cardiologist who determined he was an appropriate candidate for a Protected PCI with Impella®. Dr. Chan inserted the Impella CP® heart pump to support Manh’s weak heart while he placed multiple stents.

Manh returned home within 24 hours and his ejection fraction improved to 40% within a few months of his procedure. Manh now walks a total of 16,000 steps five mornings each week and enjoys playing table tennis in the evening. 

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