Physicians and Impella® Heart Pump Help Mother of Four Recover Her Heart


Lauri Evans, 34, was healthy and had no history of heart complications or heart disease in her family. As a mother of four, she is accustomed to managing a busy schedule. Lauri was overseeing the annual holiday party at her children’s school. One of the student’s grandmothers, Betty Chambers, arrived early for pickup and Lauri decided to go outside to invite Betty to the party.

As the two were walking back towards the school, Betty noticed that Lauri’s breathing was irregular. Moments later, Lauri collapsed. An ambulance was called and Betty, who is trained in CPR, began chest compressions. On the way to College Station Medical Center in College Station, Texas, Lauri coded and was shocked four times. Lauri was in cardiogenic shock.


Upon arrival, Dr. Rocky Bilhartz and the nursing staff quickly identified Lauri’s cardiogenic shock and initiated implantation of the Impella CP® heart pump to stabilize and assist the pumping function of her heart.

Dr. Bilhartz placed a coronary stent and Lauri was subsequently put into a medically-induced coma where she remained on Impella support for four days. It was later discovered that Lauri’s heart experienced spontaneous artery dissection where the wall of her artery tore, causing extensive bleeding; enough bleeding to produce a 99% blockage in Lauri’s left main artery. Once awake, Lauri was weaned off Impella support and returned home to her family with no resulting heart muscle damage.

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