Young Mother’s Failing Heart Is Saved After Delivering Child


After delivering her third child at South Miami Hospital, Laura Hernandez, 28, experienced pregnancy-related complications that led to cardiogenic shock, an often fatal condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to sustain life and support the body’s organs.

Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Jamie Ghitelman identified Laura’s critical condition and implanted the Impella CP® to provide hemodynamic support to Laura’s weak heart. Once Laura stabilized, she was transferred to Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, Florida.

After three days of Impella® support, her heart function improved and Dr. Enrique Gongora weaned and explanted the Impella device. Laura’s heart had a full recovery and she was discharged home to her family and her new baby.

Today, Laura is a school administrator and is back to being a busy mom and wife.

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