Grandfather Regains Strength Following Protected PCI


Jim Hoag had dealt with heart disease for years, dating back to an open-heart surgery in 1993 at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI. He had been able to manage his health since then, raised a family and worked a full career as a truck driver. But eventually, Jim’s health began to decline. He was fatigued, weak and could barely walk to his mailbox.

He went to Spectrum Health where Dr. David Wohns performed a diagnostic catheterization which showed severe blockages and weakened heart function. Jim was referred to the advanced heart failure clinic where Dr. Michael Dickinson evaluated Jim’s heart and identified him as an appropriate candidate for a Protected PCI procedure with the Impella 2.5® heart pump. During that procedure, Dr. Wohns and Dr. Kevin Wolschleger implanted the Impella 2.5 to support Jim’s weak heart while they placed stents and restored blood flow to his heart.

Following the procedure, Jim gradually began to regain his strength and within a couple of months he felt better than he had in seven years. His heart function is now normal and he’s able to enjoy and improved quality of life with his children and grandchildren.

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