Carlos Returns to His Active Lifestyle Following Protected PCI Procedure


Carlos Mercado, 54, has a history of heart disease, including prior coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery in 2010. When Carlos began experiencing shortness of breath and intermittent chest pain, he initially thought it was due to weight gain. To improve his health, he began exercising at the gym, but his symptoms only grew more severe when he walked on the treadmill. When his legs began to swell, he went to a local hospital, where tests revealed he had suffered a mild heart attack, and he was diagnosed with complex multi-vessel disease with a reduced ejection fraction of 25-30 percent. He was referred to Dr. Haroon Faraz at Hackensack Medical Center, who identified him as an appropriate candidate for a Protected PCI procedure with Impella®. On April 25, 2022, Dr. Faraz implanted Impella CP® with SmartAssist® before placing stents and performing a complete revascularization. Two days later, Carlos went home to his family. 

Since the procedure, his heart function has dramatically improved and he feels better than he has in years. When he’s not helping at his family’s flower shop or volunteering in his community, Carlos is making plans to travel the world.

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