Physician Babu Eladasari Recovers After Experiencing Cardiogenic Shock


Dr. Babu Eladasari was driving home one night when he began experiencing some chest discomfort so he asked his partner, Pam, to drive. Moments later, Dr. Eladasari became unconscious and Pam quickly called 9-1-1. EMTs arrived, administered CPR and rushed Dr. Eladasari to Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois.

Once in the catheterization lab, Drs. John Cahill and Tony DeMartini immediately identified that Dr. Eladasari was in cardiogenic shock and placed the Impella CP® heart pump to support his heart before placing stents. Following the hospital’s protocol, the medical team evaluated Dr. Eladasari’s hemodynamics with a pulmonary artery catheter and identified that he additionally needed right-side support. The physicians then implanted the Impella RP®.

After two days of biventricular support, Dr. Eladasari was transferred to Loyola University Medical Center in Hines, Illinois for a possible heart transplant; however, within a day, he showed significant improvements and the Impella RP was removed. The following day, the Impella CP was also removed. A little over two weeks later, Dr. Eladasari was discharged home with his native heart and normal heart function. Today, he is back to work and enjoying every minute with his family.

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