Anesthesiologist Survives Cardiogenic Shock After Collapsing


Dr. Amos Szajner, 63, is an anesthesiologist from Lake Elmo, MN. Despite a family history of heart disease and surviving a heart attack in 2011, Amos lives a very active lifestyle. He is an expert rock climber, manages a hobby farm with his wife, Sue, and travels regularly with his family. In April 2021, Amos began experiencing flu-like symptoms while working at Alomere Hospital in Alexandria, MN. When his symptoms became more severe following his shift, Amos returned to the hospital to monitor his health, then collapsed. A custodian found him lying on the floor and called for help. Medical staff performed CPR and shocked his heart multiple times before he was transferred by helicopter to St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud, MN.

Upon arrival in the catheterization lab, Amos was in cardiogenic shock with a severely reduced ejection fraction (15-20 percent). Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Daniel James Tiede, removed a clot from his left anterior descending artery and placed a stent. Dr. Tiede then inserted the Impella CP® with SmartAssist® heart pump to allow his heart to rest. After three days, the Impella® heart pump was removed and his ejection fraction improved to 45-50 percent. Following a brief recovery period, Amos returned home to his family.

Today, Amos has returned to his active lifestyle. He gardens, manages the hobby farm with Sue and has resumed rock climbing and traveling with his family.

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