New Mother Embracing Life After Surviving a Heart Attack


Just eight days after giving birth to her daughter, Akashi had trouble sleeping and felt nauseous. Sensing something was not right, her family took her to Wakayama Medical University Hospital. Dr. Yuichi Ozaki diagnosed the 34-year-old with having a heart attack as a result of a spontaneous coronary dissection, or SCAD. To treat the dissection, Dr. Ozaki consulted with his colleague, Dr. Kentaro Honda of the hospital’s cardiovascular surgery department. The doctors were determined to make sure the young mother would be reunited with her newborn daughter. They successfully performed coronary bypass surgery with the support of Impella CP with SmartAssist, and later, Impella CP with SmartAssist was removed. Today, Akashi is savoring every moment with her husband, Yuta, and young daughter.

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