Patient Story

Manh Nguyen's Journey to Heart Recovery


 My name is Manh Nguyen and I’m 63 years old. I am a husband, father and retired graphic designer from Anaheim, CA. In July 2020, I began experiencing fatigue, chest and stomach pressure, and shortness of breath. When my symptoms became more severe a month later, I initially thought I may have contracted COVID-19 and decided to visit my primary care physician. Though I tested negative for COVID-19, my doctor recommended I go to the hospital after an EKG confirmed irregularities in my heart function.  
My daughter drove me to St. Joseph Hospital Orange in Orange, CA. My medical team found several blockages and my ejection fraction was only 15%. As a result, I was deemed too high-risk for coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG). I was then referred to interventional cardiologist Dr. Michael Chan who introduced me to Protected PCI with Impella®. Dr. Chan explained that the Impella CP® heart pump would help to support my heart during a stenting procedure.  The procedure went well, and I was able to return home the day after my procedure.

Today, I am back to my active lifestyle, taking morning walks five days a week. I'm taking approximately 16,000 steps a day! I also enjoy playing table tennis in the evening with friends.

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