Patient Story

Jennifer Guess’s Journey to Heart Recovery


My name is Jennifer Guess, and I am a 48 year-old-mother of two from Lakeville, IN. After my father was diagnosed with COVID-19, I began experiencing symptoms of blurred vision, headaches, and chest pain. Initially, I thought I may have contracted the virus but when my symptoms became more severe, my husband, Paul, called 911 and I was transported to Memorial Hospital of South Bend in South Bend, IN.

While in the ambulance, I went into cardiac arrest. The EMTs administered CPR and defibrillations before I arrived at the emergency room. My physicians quickly determined I was in cardiogenic shock and sent me to the cardiac catheterization lab. Dr. Mayank Mittal inserted the Impella CP® with SmartAssist® heart pump to support my heart before placing stents in my left anterior descending artery (which I learned is nicknamed the widow maker). After two days, Impella® was removed I was home within a few days. Within three months, my heart function returned to normal. Impella was truly instrumental in my recovery.

Today, I am feeling healthier than I have in years. I no longer take anything for granted and I’m enjoying the memories I’m making with my family! I encourage others to listen to their body and know the symptoms of heart disease.

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