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The primary user control interface for the Impella platform

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Automated Impella® Controller

How It Works:


The Automated Impella® Controller is the primary user control interface for the Impella® platform featuring a 10-inch high-resolution display. It controls the Impella catheter performance, monitors for alarms, and displays real-time hemodynamic and catheter position information.

The new integrated purge system automatically sets the purge flow to maintain the purge pressure and eliminates the need to actively monitor purge pressures. Step-by-step on-screen procedures allow for quick and simple step-up and purge cassette procedures; featuring automatic priming, detection of connections, and automatic bolus at completion.

The Automated Impella Controller can be powered by AC power or can operate on internal battery power for at least 60 minutes when fully charged.



Training for Customers Using the Automated Impella® Controller System

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In patients experiencing:

The Automated Impella® Controller:

  • Large high-resolution display delivers real time critical care information
  • Transportation capable with durable and secure cart
  • Autoflow single touch activation
  • Boost setting delivers maximum support
  • Direct dial-in flow capability for weaning



Download the Patient Transport with the Automated Impella® Controller