Peter Hughes was Too High-Risk for Surgery Due to His Reduced Ejection Fraction


Peter Hughes, 67, is a retired public works inspector from Westminster, CA. Peter noticed a slow decline in his health and often experienced shortness of breath and chest pain with minimal activity around the house. He was evaluated for coronary bypass grafting surgery (CABG), but physicians deemed he was too high-risk for surgery due to his reduced ejection fraction (LVEF 15%).

Peter was then referred to Dr. Jeffrey Tyler at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA. Dr. Tyler identified Peter as an appropriate candidate for Protected PCI. During the scheduled procedure on April 6, 2022, Dr. Tyler implanted Impella CP® with SmartAssist® to support Peter’s heart while stents were placed. Peter was discharged home the same day. Today, Peter continues to regain his strength and enjoys mowing his lawn and walking along the beach.

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