Tokyo Businessman Recovers After a Close Call at Work


A successful small business owner, 73-year-old Tomiki Togashi was just starting his day, when his wife noticed her husband seemed pale and short of breath. She quickly called an ambulance and Tomiki was transported to Mitsui Memorial Hospital in Tokyo.

Once in the catheterization lab, Dr. Kazuyuki Yahagi discovered that Tomiki was in cardiogenic shock. Dr. Yahagi implanted Impella CP® to support his heart and allow it to rest. Tomiki was also placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support to provide oxygenation to his body. Dr. Yahagi was then able to clear a blockage at the root of Tomiki’s coronary artery, restoring the blood flow to his heart. Following the procedure, Impella and VA-ECMO were removed and Tomiki was on the road to recovery.

Today, the proud grandfather is back enjoying time with his family, as well as running his company.

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