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Heart recovery therapies


By design, Impella® heart pumps displace blood from the left heart to the general circulation or to the lungs. By doing so, Impella devices supply blood to the organs and unload the heart from a portion or all of the blood volume it has to propel during each contraction. Unloading the heart contributes to reducing the amount of work provided by the heart and reduces its need for oxygen and nutrients.

Coronary Vessels supplying the heart with oxygen and nutrients run through the walls of the heart muscles. Unloading the heart with Impella technology results in less vigorous heart contraction and reduces wall tension or wall stress of the heart which helps increase the blood flow in the vessels supplying the heart. Unloading the heart with Impella technology allows the heart to rest and to receive more oxygen and nutrients. These combined benefits promote heart recovery in patients with acute heart failure.

Increased load in the heart leads to increased wall stress. Unloading the heart reduces aortic pressure, normalizing the diastolic properties of the heart in patients with heart failure.

Impella products used as an unloading therapy:

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