The AbioCor is the world’s first completely self-contained replacement heart. A product of three decades of research, development and testing, the AbioCor is central to ABIOMED’s mission to make real the day when heart failure need not mean the end of life or the ability to enjoy life. Designed to fully sustain the body’s circulatory system, the AbioCor is intended for end-stage heart failure patients whose other treatment options have been exhausted.

How It Works

As one of the most sophisticated implantable medical devices to be developed, the AbioCor is designed so that a patient can remain mobile and continue a productive lifestyle. Equipped with an internal motor, the AbioCor is able to move blood through the lungs and to the rest of the body, simulating the rhythm of a heartbeat. The AbioCor consists of an internal thoracic unit, an internal rechargeable battery, an internal miniaturized electronics package and an external battery pack.
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AbioCor System

The AbioCor System is designed for use by patients who have irreparably damaged hearts or who are at risk of imminent death as a result of end-stage heart failure that cannot be treated by optimal medical treatment.

Quick Facts

  • Mimics function of the native heart
  • Destination device
  • No wires cross the skin


Patient Specifications

The AbioCor is indicated for use in severe biventricular end stage heart disease patients who are not cardiac transplant candidates and who:

  • are less than 75 years old,
  • require multiple inotropic support,
  • are not treatable by LVAD destination therapy, and
  • are not weanable from biventricular support if on such support.
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World's First Artificial Heart


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